The most cost-effective form of marketing available anywhere!
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How would you like to reach all of your existing customers and potentially thousands more every month, all year round? Well it is easy with Email Marketing. You could be keeping your customers up-to-date with your latest offers, important news and helping increase your brand awareness.
Why choose email marketing?

This is a very good question, why would you choose to contact a selected list of prospects instead of a much broader form of advertising for everyone to see? It's easy, email marketing has some fantastic statistic driven benefits. Providing reports for every campaign you send, you can see exactly who has opened your email and which links have been clicked. With statistics like this at your fingertips you can begin to understand your customer needs further, allowing you to deliver a more personal message - perfect! A recent census for email marketing conducted by revealed that in the past four years, the number of companies engaging in email marketing has increased by 30%.

It really does work and it doesn't cost the Earth!

Our team will help you build an email campaign for your targeted customers. Signworld Media will design the perfect email campaign template, just how you want it. We will then help you fill your fresh new email layout with rich, engaging content that's of interest for your customers, then once you have your email template, it's your's to use again and again every time you want to send an email campaign to your contacts. We will always be on hand to help with any changes or adjustments you might need to make, we're here to help.

So how does it all work?

It's quite simply really. After contacting Signworld Media, a member of our team will contact you for a chat to help determine your goals for the campaigns. A design for your email template will be created with your feedback and input, then once you're happy with a design we can begin to fill your template with your first email's content. At the same time we will begin to build your customer email database, don't worry if you don't have an existing contact list, we can help you build a starter list of local business in your chosen sector or even Nationwide or Worldwide. When you're happy with the content and message of your email it's time to send. You will receive a report 1 week after your email has been sent which will outline exactly who has opened your emails and which links they have visited, valuable data for any business to follow up with!

When you are ready to send your next email, Signworld Media will contact you a week in advance for chat about the updates and news within your business, we can use this valuable information to construct your new campaign. Our team is always ready to talk to you when you have an offer or discount that you want to promote, just call Signworld Media on our freephone number 0800 542 6402.

What does it cost?
BronzeYour own template designed from only £160*
We charge a 'one-off' fee for your initial design of your template, that you can re-use again and again**. One of our designers will work closely with you, listening to your ideas and requirements to ensure we build you the perfect design.
SilverSend an email campaign from only £70*
Send a personalised email campaign to upto 5,000 of your existing and potentially customers***. Each campaign featuring your latest offers, news, latest products and any new discounts. Have more contacts? Don't worry we have plans that will cover contact lists of over 100,000!

So now you know the details and the costs, it's time to get in touch. Don't worry if you have any questions, our friendly team are always happy to help.

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